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New Hypnosis Releases For December!

So far these are this month’s new hypnosis releases. First up, Giggle Tickle Hypnosis, which is focused on the giggle tickle fetish. This fetish is more common than one might guess. This hypnosis has suggestions of being easily tickled, laughing and giggling easily, and being a “tickle toy” for women. Next is Sissy Baby Diaper Slave, brainstormed by a custom client, Sissy Baby Paula! There are extremely strong humiliation suggestions throughout, along with being a sissy baby for Mommy, and peeing/messing in your diapers. Last but definitely not the least, is the Feminized Alpha Hypnosis release! Total focus on losing masculinity, being feminized, and no longer being an Alpha. Some Alphas are a bit harder to turn into sissies due to their belief that their entire being is entwined in being an Alpha.

I hope you enjoy these releases, there are 3 more up for release this month. I then start releasing my Extreme Level Hypnosis files in January. Enjoy your holidays!