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Newest ABDL Diaper Hypnosis Releases

So far this month the ABDL Diaper Hypnosis files I have released are – Advanced Level Baby Babble Brainwash. The main suggestions are being baby brained, babbling and being age regressed. It is gender neutral. Extreme Diaper Soaker Hypnosis was released a couple weeks ago and has been selling like crazy. Nothing but fantastic feedback from it. I suggest this hypnosis for anyone who is into filling their diapers, especially night time / bedwetting! The main suggestions are soaking your diapers 24/7 and drinking a lot of water. Secondary is please Mommy by soaking your diapers.

Soon to be released hypnosis files for this month are Advanced Sissy Cock Worship Hypnosis and Advanced Shrinking Bladder Brainwash. If I find time to squeeze more in between all my custom orders, I will also release Advanced Diaper Humping Hypnosis – HFO (Hands Off Orgasm)!

As with all of my hypnosis audio, I recommend listening for at least 30 days straight. It works best in a relaxed quiet setting preferably with earphones/headphones to block out distractions.