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ABDL hypnosis is for those in the ABDL or adult baby lifestyle who want to reinforce the lifestyle or habits into their everyday lives. ABDL hypnosis can also help reaffirm and find progression in age regression and the associated habits. I have been an ABDL Mommy with an AB nursery since 2017, and I have been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2005. I understand the lifestyle and the mindset.

My ABDL hypnosis is hyper focused. I only include up to 2 suggestions or topics per recording. Hypnosis should not be overly evasive or broad, it should not include 20 different suggestions. My hypnosis is focused on clear suggestions, and results. Our subconscious minds do soak up information, but can also be resistant to change. Especially age regression, you are taking away building blocks from an entire lifetime of not only life experiences, but social signals. My ABDL and diaper hypnosis, hyper focuses on 1-2 suggestions at a time. If you want the best results listen in a quiet place while relaxed, once a day for at least 30 days.