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“The Rabbit Hole”….

I have been working diligently trying to figure out the exact changes I want to make for my “extreme” level hypnosis that will be released throughout 2024. As many of you know, in my “advanced” level, which is the level out now, your deepener into trance is a secret escalator. I have decided the deepener on my “extreme” level hypnosis is going to be “The Rabbit Hole”. The rabbit hole is never ending and you can never find your way out, although your brain may try. There will also be triggers that imply how permanent it will be and once in the rabbit hole you can’t get out without becoming what I want you to be. This will be a prominent theme in both the inductions and the scripts. Obviously all of the hypnosis of this level will be considered permanent. The more sexual themes, mostly the sissy hypnosis, will likely have voice overlay of sexual moaning in the background as well. Suggestions will be more of a demand to your subconscious. I can’t wait to trap your brain….. So exciting!

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Why is sissy hypnosis so popular?

I think the easiest answer is sissy hypnosis or sissy hypno is horny fun! I know that hypnosis is a great tool to unravel some of that masculinity so you can be a true sissy girl, but let’s be honest. It makes your little sissy clitty drip with anticipation, and makes you want to goon or edge all day.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Whether you are wanting to be hypnotized to suck large cocks or reinforce your feelings of small penis humiliation, sissy hypnosis is the only tool that actually wiggles it’s way into your subconscious and makes things happen. So what if you have a few sissygasms along the way, sounds like a great stress reliever to me!

So grab a few of my sissy hypnosis files while they are on sale, grab some anal lube, your favorite sissy plug, and get to your sissification!