The Best Diaper Hypnosis For Unpotty Training!

Diaper Hypnosis is for diaper lovers who want to be subconsciously trained to have different diaper related outcomes. This could be diaper hypnosis encouraging the wetting of diapers, hypnosis instilling the need to be punished for making a messy diaper, or anything in between.

Some of my hypnosis is directed towards diaper sissies, or just plain incontinence. Each diaper hypnosis purchase includes multiple recordings, with and without induction. This way it can be used for hypnosis or maybe even “happy endings”.

I like producing hypnosis recordings that are different and possibly dual functioning. They all have copies that have overlaying backgrounds, sometimes an echo as well, or lullaby music as a background. I have been an ABDL Mommy since 2017. My nursery has 5 themed rooms for lots of fun and punishments when needed.

I hope all of you diaper lovers and ABs enjoy my hypnosis recordings. I release new content every week, so come back for more!